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AC Types One Split or Window AC SW


Jet Pump Servicing of Split AC / Window AC


Benefit of servicing-

  1. Regularly servicing  your AC will help it run more proficiently
  2. Operational life will be longer
  3. Chances of major breakdown will be reduced
  4. Overall repair cost will be lower
  5. Ensure rapid cooling by cleaning all the dust and debris


Jet Pump AC Servicing -The power of jet’s high pressure ensures deep cleaning & the rotating nozzle allows it to reach every nook and corner of your AC


Assurance of Rapid Cooling

Jet AC servicing will give you two times faster cooling as compared to other methods of dry servicing.


Hassle Free Servicing

As the AC is covered with AC jacket so water is accumulated nicely and avoid any leakage.

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With our partnered courier services your product will be delivered fast.

Quality Assurance

With Explomart 6 Quality checks your product quality is 100% trustable.

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