Seven Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Makeup Artist

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Wedding Day!

Only the appearance and presentation of the bride matter and are observed. You can rely on your own makeup skills and those of your buddy, but on the day of your ceremony, you would prefer a professional makeup artist to avoid any makeup dangers. As a woman, you must be aware that minor makeup mistakes can make you look unattractive, older, or even worse. Therefore, it is prudent to choose a single competent and experienced wedding day makeup artist in Kolkata and to hire in advance.

How many weddings have you performed?

People who work exclusively with women will understand their needs better than those who work with runway models or for print advertising.

May I view your resume?

Her portfolio will provide a good indication of her adaptability and style. Is each face identically sculpted, or has she brought out the finest in each? Will she adhere to your style specifications and accept input from you and the bridal party? This day is about YOU, not her portfolio, professional accomplishments, or self-image.

Where can I find your evaluation?


This is perhaps the most neglected or omitted step when hiring any wedding professional, not just makeup artists. In any event, hearing feedback from previous bridal customers confirms that this artisan consistently works in the bridal industry. Request three references from the past twelve and a half years and then be persistent in contacting them.


What types brands of products do you use?

It is acceptable if you do not recognize the brand names used by brilliant artisans. As a professional who has utilized various products, I can assure you that no single company performs everything for every person or case. Choose a craftsman who can modify goods to suit your demands and skin tone.


How can I keep my makeup flawless throughout the day?

Professional things will retain their pristine appearance significantly longer than the majority of customer review items. Numerous professionals will also provide products for touch-ups at her expense or incorporate them within their services.

I suffer from hypersensitivities or excessive inflammation of the skin. Are you able to collaborate with me?

Depending on your individual requirements, you may need to ask some or all of these questions; I've listed them here as a collection to get you thinking about these points.

Do you provide a bridal makeup trial?


This is the most crucial query to ask. If they provide bridal makeup trials, try to schedule one with them. The cosmetics trial run or review session is vital to ensure that the makeup your artist applies on your wedding day is precisely what you require. It is a clever idea to bring a camera in order to capture the expression she gives you. Take photographs from a typical distance to get a sense of how the final product will seem.




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